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Comb (nr.89)
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Difficulty: 4
20 x 20

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Author of website:
Martin Petříček

How to solve griddlers (coded pictures)

Numbers on beginning of rows and columns are codes of the picture.
The numbers specify how many of consecutive filled squares are there in a segment.
If there are more number in a row or column, at least one empty square is between these color segments.
Between border and first or last segment can be any number of spaces, even zero.

Multi-color images

Multi-color images can be recognized by some number having colored background in their square. (Number without background color should be treated as black color)
This mean, that each segment have defined length and color.
Between same-color segments is at least one empty square, between segments of different colors can be any number of empty space or also no space.

Examples of solved images:

Example Color example